Abhi Malhotra, the founder of King Luxe Club, was born in India and grew up in Dubai. He is better known by the nickname "KING AM". Coming from a wealthy family, KING AM had the opportunity to work at his father's liquor company for a few years. Due to his early exposure to high life, he developed a taste for exotic cars. In 2019, I expanded this passion into a company and a club. As the sole owner of King Luxe Club, KING AM put in a lot of work and personal funding to continue the growth of his company. Since its launch, King Luxe Club has steadily diversified its business to broaden the reach of positive impact.

KLC Real Estate is already in operation for housing construction projects. Following in his father's footsteps, Abhi Malhotra is also venturing into the spirits business. King Luxe will soon launch its vodka and single malt scotch. "The biggest challenge was that I was Indian and 18 years old when I came to the US and always getting rejected by people, I kept going, I dated successful seniors, it motivated me and pushed me to overcome any obstacles and let it my fear went away, it made me a winner," said Abhi Malhotra.