The Beesvj brand was established in 2019. It started with the purchase of a car and gradually built the profile, which became the largest automotive instagram profile in the Czech Republic. It is still working on growth and now they are trying to establish a direct cooperation with Lamborghini in Italy. In addition, they have several projects, especially focused on Marketing businesses.


Beesvj is interested in marketing and trade. The essence of the story began many years ago. «I followed my dream since I was a child: to buy my own Lamborghini, as I mentioned in the past. In 2015 I bought my first Lambo Huracán, 2019 SVJ. If we talk about the brand, I was the first in the Republic, which tried to mix the community of cars and establish an official club for Lambo owners, also to be named an Ambassador,» he said.



Beesvj talked about his mission. «The first mission for me is always family, what I would like to highlight is that I have built my business over the years, and currently I am moving on to new projects to create something new for clients around the world,» he said.



Instagram: @bee_svj,